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Toothpaste Red Dabur from paradantoz (Red Dabur) 100gr.

Toothpaste Red Dabur from paradantoz (Red Dabur) 100gr.
  • Toothpaste Red Dabur from paradantoz (Red Dabur) 100gr.
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Carnation prevents toothache, mint refreshes the breath, the tomato has a disinfectant and antimicrobial effect. The advantages of this paste can be called the first paste, which will solve the problems with the teeth.
Roots suthi (Zingiberofficinale) - antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent1FA41D9B50 4507D7D35CED66ECF1E7F6Maric (Piperniqrum) - freshens breath antibacterial agent

pippali (Piperlongum) - freshens breath antibacterial agentKarpura (cinnamonumcamphora) - local analgesic, antiseptic

1FA41D9B504507D7D35C ED66ECF1E7F6Tomar (Zanthoxylumalatum) - antiseptic freshens breath

Lawang (Cyzyqiumaromaticum) - analgesic, prevents tooth decay

Peppermint (Menthapiperita) - antifungal and antibacterial agent

Haritaki (Terminaliachebule) - astringent (for ulcers and other diseases of the oral cavity)

Unique toothpaste from natural ingredients for adults and children provides effective protection. • Caries - extracts of medicinal herbs (zantoxylium, long pepper, laurel camphor, etc.), possessing antimicrobial and antiviral effect prevent the growth of bacteria that cause caries and restore the normal microflora in the oral cavity. The clove oil renders the strengthening d-e on tooth enamel.
• periodontal disease. Parodontosis is a chronic inflammatory process that irreversibly damages the tissues surrounding and nourishing the roots of the teeth. It is from periodontal disease, and not from caries, that we most often lose our teeth. Extracts of medicinal herbs: pepper, black, long pepper, camphor laurel and others contribute to the rapid cessation of infectious processes in the gums and dental pockets, relieve gum inflammation, restore local immunity and stimulate the regeneration of the peri-toothed tissues, i.e. affect the underlying causes of periodontal disease.
• tartar - natural calcium carbonate, the natural vegetable glycerin and sodium lauryl sulfate is purified from plaque and prevent occurrence of tartar.
• Strengthening enamel - herbal extracts and clay powder, included in the toothpaste, comprise a complex of natural minerals, and this not only fluorine, but also calcium, phosphorus, silicon and aluminum compound, iron, lanthanum and chromium.
• stomatitis - a condition manifested by frequent occurrence nonhealing ulcers in the oral mucosa. Stomatitis is associated with a decrease in local immune defense and rapid proliferation of bacteria and viruses on the damaged mucosa. Herbal extracts: long pepper, camphor laurel and clay powder have a direct antibacterial and antiviral effect. Carnation and zantoxylium have a local anesthetic effect; anesthetize and eliminate inflammatory processes with ulceration of the oral mucosa.
• Halitosis - the state, accompanied by the appearance of halitosis, most often associated with a profound violation of the oral microflora. Antimicrobial and antiviral actions of carnation, laurel camphor, long and black pepper suppress the growth of bacterial plaque and restore the microflora of the oral cavity. Peppermint and ginger give freshness to the mouth and respiration for many hours.

• Use tooth brush with soft bristles• Number of paste per application - slightly less than the pea.• Brushing your teeth should be every morning and evening in the direction of the gums or in small circular motions, carefully clearing the entire surface teeth.

• Limit or eliminate the consumption of carbonated drinks, candies, sweets, which can adhere to teeth, as they destroy the tooth enamel and can lead to the loss of valuable minerals from the body, which weakens the bones and teeth.

Red toothpaste allow to cope with many problems that previously could not be solved without a dentist.

Information is up-to-date: 06.01.2023

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