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Rapton Bath Sri Ganga (Rakton vati Shri Ganga)

Rapton Bath Sri Ganga (Rakton vati Shri Ganga)
  • Rapton Bath Sri Ganga (Rakton vati Shri Ganga)
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Eliminates postgipatitnye stateliver, inflammation of lymph nodes, helping to get rid of boils and chronic acne.

Has well proven itself as a remedy for allergic skin conditions. Treats Pitta type allergies. Rakton - eliminates the lack of iron in the blood. AnemIya, furunculosis, blood infections, hepatitis and herpes, slightly increases blood pressure.

The composition of the preparation includes medicinal plants, spices and minerals containing, in addition to easy - digestingfast - digesting iron, essential hematopoietic elements and trace elements of natural origin. The uniqueness of the drug lies in the fact that it not only stimulates all the organs and systems of the body that participate in blood formation and are responsible for purifying blood, but also has anabolic activity, that is, it enhances the synthesis of tissue protein and tones up the body. Rakton is not only a hemopoietic preparation, but also an indispensable tonic for patients with anemia and weakened patients.

The drug does not cause negative side effects.

Warning! The drug slightly increases blood pressure.
This formula will be useful to all people, especially those who have had hepatitis of various forms, as well as people exposed to constant toxicological poisoning at work.

Usage: In acute conditions, 1 - 2 tablets, two or three times a day, before meals. For the prevention of 1 tablet twice a day, after a meal.

Information is up-to-date: 07.07.2021

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