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Рактда, Raktda, Maharishi Ayurveda

Рактда, Raktda, Maharishi Ayurveda
  • Рактда, Raktda, Maharishi Ayurveda
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Brand:Maharishi Ayurveda
Country of manufacture:India

The drug for the stimulation of hematopoiesis Raktda is a natural, highly effective and safe hematopoietic stimulant. The composition of the drug includes medicinal plants, spices and minerals that contain, in addition to easily digestible iron, important hemopoietic elements and trace elements of natural origin. The uniqueness of the drug lies in the fact that it not only stimulates all the organs and systems of the body that participate in the blood and are responsible for the purification of blood, but also has anabolic activity, i. e. enhances the synthesis of tissue protein and tones the body. Raktda is not only a hemopoietic preparation, but also an indispensable tonic for patients with anemia and weakened patients. The drug does not cause side effects.

Reacts effectively in iron deficiency anemia stimulates blood circulation cleans the blood and lymph from toxins and other bacteria supplies the body with important hematopoietic elements and trace elements increases the level of hemoglobin increases protein anabolism removes mental and physical fatigue tones the body. Indications for use: iron deficiency anemia (in patients at high risk: pregnant, premature infants, twins, newborns from a mother suffering from iron deficiency anemia).

anemia, fatigue, fatigue due to malnutrition or malnutrition (alimentary deficiency of Fe), anemia during the feeding of the newborn, anemia caused by chronic blood loss, and also after the transferred infectious diseases and other hematopoietic disorders.

Very good in the postoperative recovery period.

Ingredients: Corallum rubrum, Ostrea edulis, Cypraea moneta, Tinospora cordifolia, Emblica officinalis, Elettaria cardamomum, cassia Indian (Cinnamomum tamala), carnation fragrant (Syzygium arumaticum), saffron (Mesua ferrea), dates edible (Phoenix dactylifera), grapes (Vitis vinifera), licorice smooth (Glyzyrrhiza glabra), pepper longum, mollusk shell (Turbinella rappa), mineral purified resin (Pure Asphaltum), ferric oxide (Ferroso ferric oxidum), iron oxide (Ferric oxidum), sugar cane (Saccarum officinarum).

Properties of Herbs React: Coral red stimulates blood circulation, cleanses blood and lymph from toxins.

The tinospora serous regulates the metabolism, promotes the elasticity of tissues, increases protein anabolism, acts as an antibacterial agent.

Amla drug affects all tissues, acts as a nourishing tonic, renews and supports new tissues, improves eyesight, nourishes blood, bones, heart and liver, cleanses the intestines.

Grapes well updates blood, acts as a nutrient tonic, improves appetite, contains a lot of vitamin C.

licorice strengthens the body, facilitate tissue regeneration, strengthens the nervous tissue. Pepper long increases the biocatalytic activity of nutrients in all tissues of the body.

Saffron renews blood and circulatory system, improves metabolism, regulates the functions of the spleen and liver, enhances the toning effect of other herbs.

Clove fragrant improves the process of assimilation of essential nutrients, disinfects the lymphatic system, is a strong anesthetic.

Dosage: 2 - 3 tablets half an hour before meals 2 times a day.

The course of treatment is from 1 to 4 months.

Attention! Normalize your intestinal microflora with bifido and lactobacilli

Packed: 100 tab. on 500mg. Precautions: Keep away from heat and strong light sources.

Brand:Maharishi Ayurveda
Country of manufacture:India
Information is up-to-date: 29.09.2022

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