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effect on the hair:

- regenerates hair after coloring, perms, hair styling hair dryer or curling irons, making them strong and beautiful.
- moisturizes, nourishes, and makes hair shiny throughout the length of the natural way.
- prevents hair loss, strengthening the bulb, making it strong and healthy,
- is an effective treatment for alopecia.
- is recommended as a hair care product for keeping them in a healthy state. Coconut oil has no analogues due to its absolute naturalness, unsurpassed effect and low price.

effects on the body:

- regenerates the skin, softens, moisturizes, soothes, relieves irritation and makes it
elastic, can be used instead of creams containing chemicals.
- smoothes fine wrinkles on the face for several applications activating the reserve potential of the body, in contrast to the expensive creams that mask the problem.
- suitable for removing makeup, while simultaneously feeding, moisturizing and restoring the skin.
- heals cracks, wounds and burns, both domestic and sunny, without leaving scars.
- is an excellent tanning agent, making it smooth and beautiful, both in the solarium and on the beach.
- the strongest protection against harmful external factors of the environment, chlorinated water, weathering due to biological activity that protects beauty in winter and summer.
- apply for massage, pleasant aroma of oil and its properties give the procedure an exotic character and unsurpassed effect.
- relieves irritation and soothes after peeling, depilation or shaving, makes the skin velvety.
- the best remedy after manicure and pedicure.
- prevents the formation of stretch marks in pregnant women.

Dimension: 500ml

Information is up-to-date: 08.02.2023

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